I never liked going to the golf course in windy weather. It messes up trajectory of your shots, and basically makes hitting the ball with accuracy super-difficult task. When you’re amateur golfer like myself, increasing difficulty is not something you aim for, which is why i always dreaded going to the course in windy weather. But around here, in Iowa, where i live, wind is quite common, so i had to learn and adapt to the situation, or else, i wouldn’t get to play golf at all.

 At first, things weren’t easy. Going to the golf course felt like a chore, and drained me of most of my energy. Knowing that i would have to play in unfavorable conditions made me anxious and the effects of anxiety were even worse than the weather itself. Whenever i played in the wind, my results and distance would shrink significantly. I felt like i was being punished by nature itself.

Good thing is, though, that windy weather had same effect on most of my friends. So i wasn’t alone in my misery, which made things a little tolerable. All of us tried to adapt to weather by using different methods, but fruitlessly. Eventually, we learned some tricks that helped us improve our scores. It was never as good as normal, but at least now we were having fun.

 As promised, i’m going to share the tips to help the readers as well. First thing i learned was that hitting the ball harder doesn’t always yield better results. In fact, it rarely does. We logically assumed that hitting ball harder would make its trajectory less volatile, but we were wrong. Truth is, that hitting ball harder only makes things worse, because your mistakes and imperfections of your swing are highlighted and have even bigger effect. Second tip, was to try and improve our striking skills. Well-struck golf balls have much easier time flying in the wind. So the better you strike the ball, the better results you’ll yield.

I personally also found smoother swing to work much better. That way, you are able to solidly hit the ball. Don’t try to use your strength to hit the ball. Using your muscles will only make things worse. Unlike normal conditions, faster swing speed isn’t beneficial in windy weather, so i’d advise to reduce the speed by at least ten percent.  The make and design of golf ball itself, is important too. I use Srixon Marathon golf balls, and definitely recommend it. Even though i don’t have time to describe them in detail here, you can always check out the review by GolfClubsGuru.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t view wind as your opponent, but as a side-effect that causes you to slightly alter style of your game. Otherwise you’ll have to give up playing golf in bad weather, or play miserably. Try and use these tips, so you can turn wind into your advantage.