You look forward to your weekend for the whole week, and when you finally wake up on saturday morning, weather is terrible and you dread going to the course to play golf. This situation is very common for most golfers, and it’s obviously not a pleasant one. So today i wanted to give advice on how to approach this problem differently using positive thinking. I’m not going to teach you techniques for taking advantage of the situation to have better shots, but my advice might help you be on better mood and being on good mood usually means better golf results. You can choose to be miserable, but you might as well opt ot not go to the course at all. Bad mood means bad judgement, and good judgement is essential to play golf properly.

 Not everyone is that grumpy when things don’t go as planned, but the feelings i described above are probably closest to my own. But all golfers, and generally speaking, all people, experience these kinds of thoughts that can bring us down.

 Truth is, you can always adjust your plans. If saturday doesn’t work, maybe you could change plans a little bit, and do most of your golfing on sunday, while you use saturday to do other tasks? Or, you could go golfing on saturday, but spend as much time as you had planned. There are also various gadgets that can help you play better in bad weather. When i noticed that rains were getting more and more common, i got myself excellent golf umbrella. It dramatically improved quality and results of my game. And it cost very little, at least compared to my club set and bag. Gloves are also good option for playing in rain. It’s up to you to find these cool shortcuts to solving your problems. But nothing’s more important than having good club set at your disposal. If you’re senior like me, one of these clubs mentioned here will be fine.

 Another example of irritating disturbance on golf course is slow play and players themselves who take forever with their shots. In my experience, it’s better to not expect this type of behavior when you’re going on the course. Because if you do, once you get there, you’ll interpret everything to comply with your assumptions. What i mean is, even when someone’s doing their best to play quick, you’ll see their small mistakes and interpret them as being slow and annoying. This kind of thinking has never worked out well for me, and i doubt they’ll work out for you. So just focus on your game, and if someone’s being slow, just politely ask them. Chances are, they’ll comply. If they don’t, you’ll have to find other ways, but worrying about it before it even happens won’t land you any results, either.