Can drinking beer improve your golfing skills?

Every golfer i’ve ever met, including myself, is curious about answer to this – does beer actually help your golf performance? I know it doesn’t make sense, but maybe, just like in dating, drinking beer gives you confidence or something. Or it could all be illusion, and while you think you’re doing better, everyone is sneering behind your back. I guess the reason for this curiosity is practical – should you be drinking beer while on the golf course? Well, most people do anyway, but more or less. Finding out whether beer helps or not could be helpful. Most people do agree that drinking beer is pre-requisite to having the best time on course you can, so personally, i’d definitely recommend always taking 6 pack to the golf course with you.

 I remember hearing on some golf channel that they had actually conducted an experiment to measure this. Golfers took their shots before and after getting drunk, and finally, results were compared. Golfers were average people, so the results should’ve been totally random. But it turns out, slightly drunk people scored better. It may be the placebo effect, which means that drinking beer makes you more confident and calm, and that’s why results are better. Or it could be the players using superior irons. But the fact remains, that drunk people score better on average. They couldn’t find any correlation between level of intoxication and golf performance, perhaps because experiment wasn’t sophisticated enough. That would be pretty interesting to see as well. If i had to take a lucky guess, i’d guess that first few pints of beer do help you mentally, but anything more than that probably has negative effect.

When it comes to accuracy, some players showed significant improvement after drinking beer, while others’ results worsened. So i guess that’s also unpredictable, but we can assume that beer slightly improves your accuracy? Then again, this experiment and article is just for fun, so nothing can be taken as scientific evidence.

 Observers also noticed that players’ golf swings got much worse after consuming alcohol. As you probably know, swinging the club properly requires a lot of precision and good stature, neither of which are side-effects of consuming alcohol, so i guess that makes sense, too.

 Having good judgement is also crucial to play golf properly, and while those researchers couldn’t properly measure the judgement, they all agreed that small amount of beer helped with confidence, but any more than one or two pints started to take toll on golfers’ judgement.

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